Secret War Drill USA

Mysterious Power Cuts USA

At least 3 Major Cities were plunged into chaos with multiple Simultaneous Power Grid Failures


which Swept across San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York yesterday.

For the record that was on Friday April 22nd if you access this Podcast late

Was this another False Flag as in a Cyber Attack by the Chines or something else like a preparation for WW3.


Another War Built On Lies


Donnie Trump is moving towards WW3 much faster than Killary Clinton would have done.


The idiocy is that the same excuses and lies are being used to justify these acts of agression.


The Chemical Weapon False Flag has been used Three Times Now... Iraq, Libya and now Syria...


Step back and connect the dots people...


Massive Western Military Build up in the Black Sea and Eastern European countries bordering Russia.

Rising tensions in Syria after almost a 60 Tomahawk strike last week.

Iraq, Afghanistan the Yemen and Libya kicking off again.

Not forgetting US forces being deployed to other parts of the African continent like Mogadishu and so on.

Now we have a US Naval Strike Force heading for North Korea with 150 Tomahawks.

And before I forget.. a few days ago the Mother of All Bombs was dropped on Afghanistan…


Which may have been a dry run to drop a similar one on N Korea..

Need I go on?


 Chinese Troops Are Amassing Against US Along Korean Border



A few days ago Trump met with China’s leader which was hailed it as a success when he announced he had already 'developed a friendship' with Chinese President Xi Jinping.



The next thing we know they are both heading for a showdown.



A US Naval Strike Force is heading to North Korea and now China has stepped into the breach.



“The “Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.” The reason: the prospect of “military options”, such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.”


I mentioned this in the last Podcast entitle ‘Has Trump Triggered WW3’ when I said by attacking Syria he is attacking its ally Russia and by attacking N Korea he will be effectively attacking China as well.

I’m beginning to think Trump is no better Clinton in the sense that he’s a Psycho too!



What more evidence does anyone need to see that these so called leaders of nations are merely puppets of the elite WSG aka 'World Shadow government' and no matter who you 'Think You Elect' they will always serve the elite industrial complex oligarchs and not the people.



Time to rein them in before they rain something down on you....



I am also going to reveal the signs of a Third World War imparted to me by one of my mentors many moons ago and it seems to match what is happening with this scenario.


Trump About To Trigger WW3 - No April Fool Joke This Time My Friends...


Six days ago I did an April Fool’s Podcast prank about WW3 had been triggered.....

It was a dark humoured one suggesting that a massive media blackout was in effect and that WW3 had been triggered.

There’s an old saying my friends… ‘That Many A True Word Is Spoken In Jest’.


Since then Russia has threatened to retaliate if the US fires any more missiles into Syria and likewise Trump reckons he's going to.


And thats not all that has happened. Trump has also sent a Naval Strike Force to North Korea.


In a nutshell my friends... The US is now physically baiting both Russia and China into a major conflict.... or WW3 to be precise.


I told you these things can happen so fast they can easilly catch you off guard.


Secret Antarctica

Secret Antarctica

This was meant for members only but granting free access for now as a taster.

You have been led to believe that Antartica is a cold sterile wildeness where nothing can survive.

But not according to Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy when he allegedly flew over the South Polar Region back in 1947. He was not known as a poet by any means so its unusual that he used terms like the ‘Great Unknown’ and ‘Land of everlasting Mystery’ when describing the Antarctic Tundra. What he saw below him was not ice and snow, but land areas of Green Vegetation with Lakes, Rivers, Mountains and Forests.

But he didn’t stop there. He claimed he saw a strange animal or animals resembling the now extinct mammoth.

Now we wont linger about what Admiral Byrd saw or didn’t see and fast forward into time.

Not too long ago new satellite mapping technology reported an amazing discovery that underneath a thick layer of South Polar Ice there appeared to be mountains, flowing rivers and vegetation so maybe old Admiral Byrd was not as barmy as his critics made out.

But that isn’t it my friends because it gets much more intriguing as we move forward again to the present.

In the very end days of obamas Presidency, his Secretary of State John Kerry made a mysterious trip to the Arctic circle. The official line was that he was visiting scientists monitoring the impact of Climate Change. But the real purpose of his visit and especially who he was attempting to meet with will blow your mind. But he was rejected from what was described as 'The Barrier Zone' by unknown entities who may have caused the 7.8 Earthquake which struck New Zealand shortly after possibly as a warning to the outgoing obama regime and the NZ authorities who aided him with the unannounced visit.

The story does not end there either. In fact is becomes more intirguing.

After the discovery of ancient relic which caused the deaths of over 100 people and two construction crews who tried to unearth it in Mecca...

A Ruusian task force was called in to  remove what was described as the 'Ark of Gabriel' who then took it to Antarctica and handed it over to the unknown entites beyond the Barries Zone by a special team of Speznaz.

As the saying goes... 'Truth Is Indeed Stranger Than Fiction' my friends...




Antarctic Dome Link

66°36’12.69″S, 99°43’12.44″E

Book of Enoch - Link