Another War Built On Lies


Donnie Trump is moving towards WW3 much faster than Killary Clinton would have done.


The idiocy is that the same excuses and lies are being used to justify these acts of agression.


The Chemical Weapon False Flag has been used Three Times Now... Iraq, Libya and now Syria...


Step back and connect the dots people...


Massive Western Military Build up in the Black Sea and Eastern European countries bordering Russia.

Rising tensions in Syria after almost a 60 Tomahawk strike last week.

Iraq, Afghanistan the Yemen and Libya kicking off again.

Not forgetting US forces being deployed to other parts of the African continent like Mogadishu and so on.

Now we have a US Naval Strike Force heading for North Korea with 150 Tomahawks.

And before I forget.. a few days ago the Mother of All Bombs was dropped on Afghanistan…


Which may have been a dry run to drop a similar one on N Korea..

Need I go on?