Trump About To Trigger WW3 - No April Fool Joke This Time My Friends...


Six days ago I did an April Fool’s Podcast prank about WW3 had been triggered.....

It was a dark humoured one suggesting that a massive media blackout was in effect and that WW3 had been triggered.

There’s an old saying my friends… ‘That Many A True Word Is Spoken In Jest’.


Since then Russia has threatened to retaliate if the US fires any more missiles into Syria and likewise Trump reckons he's going to.


And thats not all that has happened. Trump has also sent a Naval Strike Force to North Korea.


In a nutshell my friends... The US is now physically baiting both Russia and China into a major conflict.... or WW3 to be precise.


I told you these things can happen so fast they can easilly catch you off guard.