Secret Antarctica

Secret Antarctica

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You have been led to believe that Antartica is a cold sterile wildeness where nothing can survive.

But not according to Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy when he allegedly flew over the South Polar Region back in 1947. He was not known as a poet by any means so its unusual that he used terms like the ‘Great Unknown’ and ‘Land of everlasting Mystery’ when describing the Antarctic Tundra. What he saw below him was not ice and snow, but land areas of Green Vegetation with Lakes, Rivers, Mountains and Forests.

But he didn’t stop there. He claimed he saw a strange animal or animals resembling the now extinct mammoth.

Now we wont linger about what Admiral Byrd saw or didn’t see and fast forward into time.

Not too long ago new satellite mapping technology reported an amazing discovery that underneath a thick layer of South Polar Ice there appeared to be mountains, flowing rivers and vegetation so maybe old Admiral Byrd was not as barmy as his critics made out.

But that isn’t it my friends because it gets much more intriguing as we move forward again to the present.

In the very end days of obamas Presidency, his Secretary of State John Kerry made a mysterious trip to the Arctic circle. The official line was that he was visiting scientists monitoring the impact of Climate Change. But the real purpose of his visit and especially who he was attempting to meet with will blow your mind. But he was rejected from what was described as 'The Barrier Zone' by unknown entities who may have caused the 7.8 Earthquake which struck New Zealand shortly after possibly as a warning to the outgoing obama regime and the NZ authorities who aided him with the unannounced visit.

The story does not end there either. In fact is becomes more intirguing.

After the discovery of ancient relic which caused the deaths of over 100 people and two construction crews who tried to unearth it in Mecca...

A Ruusian task force was called in to  remove what was described as the 'Ark of Gabriel' who then took it to Antarctica and handed it over to the unknown entites beyond the Barries Zone by a special team of Speznaz.

As the saying goes... 'Truth Is Indeed Stranger Than Fiction' my friends...




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