January 24, 2021

The Sunday Craic Ep: 1


The Sunday Craic Ep: 1    (Free Pod - Duration 50 Mins)

Hello boys and girls. Welcome to 'The Sunday Crack'. Today we going to go off on tangent and see where we end up. So are you sitting comfortably? Good.. Then I'll begin....

January 23, 2021

A New Direction Podcast


A New Direction Podcast   (Free Pod)

Its time to tweak this Podcast in a slightly different direction for now. Its more of break from the hype which is about to come as I will explain. After the US Inauguration debacle at Washington DC Fortress a few days ago, I said to expect a Tsunami of Disinformation to follow...

January 22, 2021

Creating Their Own Demise


Creating Their Own Demise   (Inner Circle)

Ironic how the 'Peddlers of Propaganda' in the Media and shills in Politics have not realised yet that they are destroying their own lives and families as well as Public they are conning and lying to.

January 21, 2021

Has America Fallen?


Has America Fallen? (Free Pod 32 Mins Duration)

Yesterday, the world looked on and witnessed the most bizarre spectacle in modern times as America fell into the hands of Socialism in front of all the world to see and entered the Twilight Zone.


US Inauguration - A Day Of Fear And Disgrace (Free Pod 36 Mins Duration)

Its Wednesday the 20th of January. A day when the world starts to change either for the better or worst. But things usually get worse before they can get better.. hint hint.. Video - Transition of Military PowerMilitary

January 18, 2021

Shockwave To Sweep America


Shock Wave To Sweep America   (Inner Circle)

In 'Two Days' time, the whisper is that a shock wave will ripple through the World as America enters the Unknown when Trump reveals something to the Public that will send shock waves around the world..


January 17, 2021

The Great Social Media Purge


The Great Social Media Purge (Free Pod)

WhatsApp Is Whats Up! As the Exodus from Social Media Platforms and Google Continues, the Kings of Silicon Valley are desperate to stop the flow. Seems like the Censors don't like being Censored.


Prediction Hand Book 2020 - 2022 AD



Fall Of The Silicon Valley Kings   (Inner Circle)

Jack Dorsey's Twitter business platform has not only lost millions of users these past few weeks.. It also lost over $5-Billion Dollars in value and he doesn't seem to give a monkeys because he's promising more censorship.


America 5 Days To Destruction?   (Free Pod Duration: 45 Mins)

Fear and Tension is building in America and indeed in every freedom loving country in the world. As the free world sees it.. In 5 days time, the world will enter a dark and extremely dangerous new era if America falls back under the influence and control of assets controlled by elite Corporate Assets.

Psychic Pyramid Resonator

January 14, 2021

The Psychic Ripple


The Psychic Ripple - (1 Hour Duration)

Things are getting worst as I promised would happen many Moons ago. I have 'Talked the Talk' now its time to Walk the Walk. Not just for me and my ilk but for you as well. Its time to face off the demons and lay them to rest.

Join in the fight and follow instructions inside this Pod.

Access The Psychic Pyramid Resonator Here

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