World Order Collapse Imminent  (63 Mins Duration)

Riddle me this. Are the elites still causing the global chaos or have they lost control where collapse is inevitable? Nevertheless, we have now entered dangerous times and AI may be playing a part in it.

The Library Link: Biblioteca Pleyades


Hollywood Actress Body Bagged Alive?     (27 Mins Duration)

Another Bizarre Hollywood Death. Video shows actress Anne Heche gaining consciousness while in body bag and trying to get out.

Video: Anne Heche unzipping Body Bag


Rule Of The Nazi Elites Exposed    (36 Mins Duration)

If anyone is still in doubt that the world is under Nazi Rule, maybe it's time to see a head shrink.

August 10, 2022

Trump Under Siege


Trump Under Siege  (62 Mins Duration)

Black August continues to mystify as the FBI raids a former President's home and outrages millions of Americans and more on the Earth's rising Heartbeat.

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August 8, 2022

Back Into The Madness


Back Into The Madness   (35 Mins Duration)

Another week of the World being engulfed in Madness.

August 5, 2022

Its All Kicking Off!


Its All Kicking Off!    (27 Mins Duration)

Five days into Black August and the skies are already darkening.
Now Interest rates have joined the increasing prices of everything... except wages of course.


China Rising Against Khazar Cabal   (42 Mins Duration)

The truth why the CCP sent Tanks against the Chinese people. A move that will finish the Khazarian controlled CCP and the real reason why the walking dead Pelosi is in Asia.

August 2, 2022

Black August Has Begun


Black August Has Begun  (46 Mins Duration)

Now that we've entered Black August, I'm curious to see why it's been so vague to tap into regarding Future Events. So once again down the Rabbit Hole we go.

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July Round Up... What A Month (20 Mins Duration)

Another Month of Khazarian Puppet casualties and revelations with more yet to bite the dust. Biden the Pope and Prince Charlie again!

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July 29, 2022

The Drawing Of The Dark


The Drawing Of The Dark  (50 Mins Duration)

The Darkness of August is drawing in for the enemies of Humankind. So steel yourself for shocking Exposures and Revelations. You will be angry... But you will be happy...

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