In 24 Hours From Now You Will Be Told That ww3 Has Begun.


There is a massive media blackout going on right now but insider sources are reporting that we are at war with Russia and China.

Not going to war but the conflict has already started.

You will be told in 24 Hours so start prepping right now and get away from towns and cities pronto!

There will be limited strikes on 6 or 8 states in the US and Various targets in Norhern and Eastern Europe.

EMP's will also be involved. I cant say too much because I have to get to my safe haven so good luck.


Propaganda and Disinformation is now officially spiralling out of control.


You really need to sit down and pour yourself a cold one before lsitening to this.

You see my friends, you are not hearing what you are about to hear because it

doesn't exist... Nither do you and me because we are living in an Alien computer

generated Matrix!.... According to the Main Stream Media presently suffering from

a mental breakdown.......