January 14, 2019

Triple Eclipse Event

Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse


On January 20th 2019 a rare triple Moon Eclipse with be visible in the skies over one continent.

But that isn't all. There are other things linked to this extremely rare event which could mark it as a bad omen for not only the country it will be visible from, but could create a domino effect for the rest of the world.

This Podcast will explain and educate why this strange phenomenon could have an occult significance.

January 5, 2019

2019 Intro

2019 AD Intro

Year Of Chaos


A warm up podcast for 2019 AD which I have dubbed 'The Year Of Chaos'. 


This Podcast is basically laying the foundations to open your mind if you are going to understand the very strange ahead and the path which is stretching out before you. 


If you want to not just follow these Podcasts and the revelations within, the first thing you must learn to do is not dismiss anything  without first giving it some thought. 


I say this because this year when it kicks off proper around March 21st is going to be the strangest year in life no matter who are or where you live. 


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