Google End Days Prediction Unfolding - Free


Another 'Out There' Prediction unfolding before your very eyes.... Google, Facebook, Twitter et al now being brought to book for illegal censorship. Fake News, Disinformation etc etc etc at last....

May 31, 2020

China Exposed



China Exposed - (Member)


China is being globally exposed yet still intent in taking Hong Kong and other interests. Good News... Iran has now pointed finger at China not America...




China - The Yellow Peril - (Member)


The Yellow Peril was a colour metaphor used back in the day to describe a danger to Western civilization from an expansion of the power and influence of Eastern Asian peoples and in particular Communist China.... But Political Correctness translates it as racist these days so the term eventually died but the warning it contained is more relevant now than ever.

May 22, 2020

Predictions Part 2



Predictions Part 2 - Free Pod


Lets delve into the unknown and run through some more 2020 Predictions that are currently in progress or lining up. Some will cover the Euro destruction trigger and domino effect as the Mystery Virus hype begins to take its toll.

May 20, 2020

Pandemic Psy Op?



Pandemic Psy Op? - Member

2hr Duration


This Podcast is around 2 Hours long ramble delving into the Virus debacle as a very possible Psychological Operation to enforce new freedom destroying  laws. The story just keeps on unravelling....

May 14, 2020

Boris The Clueless



Boris The Clueless- Free Pod


I was going post this Pod on Sunday afternoon instead of waiting for King Boris to announce the lifting of some restrictions from Stalag Luft UK. But no research, Precognition or even Guess Work was necessary for any of us because enough hints and breadcrumbs had been dropped by his underlings to pave way for King Boris to tell us what we already knew or suspected.. That being... 'Don't expect too much good news'.


Which begs the question... Did Boris suffer minor Brain Damage while in Intensive Care?




The China Virus Bioweapon - Member


The W.H.O admit appeasing China to cover up Virus Outbreak in December 2019. Also the infamous Wuhan Lab suspected epicentre of the Virus was suspiciously closed down a month or so earlier. If Chinese didn't release the Virus on the World on purpose, then it sounds like there was some sort of accident at the Wuhan Lab which they attempted to cover up after opening a modern day Pandora's Box.




China Prepares For War With US - (Member Pod)


Sabre Rattling between the US and China turning Cold War into Hot War. After US does test bomb run on China's suspect Bio Labs. China responds with unveiling of new stealth bomber capable of reaching LA, California.... Is that a Hint?

May 8, 2020

Boris Cancels VE Day



Boris The Coward Cancels VE Day - Free Podcast


This V.E Day my friends, is more relevant this year than any other celebration over the past 75 years because we find ourselves in a strange reality where the masses will not be able to celebrate because of Nazi like restrictions by the a bumbling government led by a bumbling muppet head buffoon.


A bunch of gutless upper class twits who are scared of catching the Flu and likewise want everybody else to be scared as well in order to justify their irrational fears.




Laura Eisenhower's message to the Globalist Cabals is in the public domain so is Free To Access here.


Inner  Circle - Sorry Guys, Laura's recording was in wrong format so has annoying back Buzz. Try this one after Levi has finished his podcast switch to this version. Now it's been extracted its also free to access because it's already in the Public Domain.


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