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August 18, 2019

It's Not Knowing The Truth That Makes Us Ignorant,
It's Not Wanting To Know The Truth That Does.



“Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est. - Knowledge Itself Is Power.”

Rebel Moon is an alternative source of information which gives you the real story buried between the headlines of the Mainstream Media (MS Media)

The MS Media is powerful global platform controlled by a sinister Elite Cabal who use it to influence the masses with Disinformation, Half-Truths, and Lies to carry out anti-human Hidden Agendas while suppressing the Truth and other things the Elite Ruling Class Establishment would rather you not know.



What Do We Talk About Here?

Just about everything, the PTB (Powers Soon Not To Be) don't want us to talk about and keep Freedom of Speech alive and kicking.

We do not buy into the Freedom of Speech killer PC aka Political Correctness. We prefer to shoot from the hip and say it as it is so this place is not for the faint-hearted or in denial people of this planet who allow themselves to be duped on daily basis by the so-called Ruling Class Elites.

Besides blowing half-truth Media stories out of the water we expose Hidden Government Agendas and confirm or dismiss Conspiracy Theories as well as covering many not many people know about.

The old platform gained a reputation for accurately Predicting Future Events and giving the likely outcome of a current event way before it concludes... this habit is still practiced.

We delve into the Metaphysical World, Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge, Suppressed Knowledge, Disinformation, Fake News, False History, UFO's, ET's, Off World Threats, Time Slips & Time Travel, The Illuminati, World Shadow Government, Elite Bloodlines, Earth Mysteries and much more including...

Future Events before they happen.




Private Blogs & Pods

As you are aware the surface internet is being heavily regulated by the big online corporations. Some major search engines are not sending you where you want to go and Social Media Platforms have started censoring and suspending anything political or otherwise that does not match their opinion.

Therefore, there will be an open free Podcast to keep you in the frame although it is limited content that hopefully will not rock the boat too much.

The real hard-hitting and informative material are protected by keeping it out of the Public Domain, free from interference by outside sources and other unwanted interactions. However, you can access any Private Blogs or Premium Podcasts for a small token payment which also supports the upkeep of our online activities to source hard to find information so you don't have to.

If you don't want to subscribe as a premium member but would still like to support the Rebel Moon Podcast, no problem, you can click on Patreon Link to donate or pledge a token amount.

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The world is reaching a tipping point culmination in 2020 AD. Nobody needs to tell you because you can see it with your own eyes every single day.

Protests against puppet governments are spreading and gathering momentum across the planet.

The old school Political system is in disarray. It's outdated and out of touch with the masses, as is the financial system which will soon teeter on collapse as warned here many times.

Mother Nature seems to have run amok and she hasn't quite finished yet. More freak weather anomalies and heightened seismic activity will kick off August to September 2019 AD as a precursor to some strong quakes and volcanic activity kicking off around the world.

Off World threats have been increasing with at least Five near-miss Asteroids this year alone.

Likewise, the Earth barely missed wandering into the path of a CME by only 2 Weeks. Had we been unlucky you wouldn't be reading this because technology would have been fried along with national power grids.

The Magnetic Poles are shifting which could devastate should the shift turn into a full-blown Magnetic Pole Reversal. An ancient natural cycle event that would change life on Earth overnight.

The Magnetic Poles have slowly been moving from Canada towards Siberia for the past century or so. They started to speed up some years ago but alas and alack, in the last few months alone they have speeded up even more.

It's not known at this point if and where they will settle meaning we can't be sure if a total magnetic reversal is on the cards.



Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est. - Knowledge Itself Is Power.

This Planet is undergoing great change as it enters a new cycle. A Natural phenomenon which occurs every few thousand years or so.

It matters not one iota whether you believe these things or not because you are witnessing the early stages happening right now.

Will the World End... I doubt it. Some places will suffer more than others but that's not the point.

The Fat Controllers of this tiny planet especially in the West are more interested in causing more problems and instigate war with China. Russia and Iran et al rather than making any necessary preparations for the people they allegedly serve.

If it all sounds like gobbledygook to you, then maybe it's time to learn about the world being hidden from the masses because, after all my friend, Knowledge Is Power.


On The Cosmic Wind

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