It's not knowing the truth that makes us ignorant, it's not wanting to know the truth that does.

Levi hails from a long a long line of Celtic Psychics or Seers from both old Ireland and Scotland where he now resides in the Black Isle region of the majestic Highlands.

Although Precognition runs through the Celtic bloodline, Levi is the first known male in many generations to show potential.
He has been making Predictions since a very young age but was only encouraged to take his knowledge to wider audience in 2006 via the world wide web.

He quickly gained a reputation with his Predictions for 2007. Especially his more 'out there' ones like the 2008 Financial Crash and Gold reaching the $2000 mark which it
it briefly touched. Needless to say he took a lot of flak because things were booming at the time. Credit flowed like tap water and house prices were on the rise.
He retaliated calmly by mentioning in his blogs to wait until September 8th which came and went without a murmur. Then a few days later people woke up to the news that
the banks in the UK and beyond were bankrupt and had to bailed out. The rest is history except for one thing. He warned that 2008 was merely a dry run for something bigger
after 2013 or 2014. Levi claims 2016 and 2017 will be the year of a big financial meltdown and maybe even WW3.

Unlike most online Psychics he is not afraid to continually put his reputation on the line with Precognitive events that may seem impossible or outrageous at the time.

Also unlike others he does deal with frivolity like celebrities et al. He only deals with events that are important to you and me which can affect our lives. Like the Fall of the Berlin
Wall for instance or the 9.0 magnitude Earthquake that hit Japan and caused the infamous Tsunami. Not only did Predict these events but nailed the actual month of the Japanese quake.

Today he still releases an eBook of Predictions for the year ahead. This year he claims is a year of Great Tumult as the world teeters on the edge of WW3 or aforementioned crash of the
US Dollar or Euro or both which could trigger war as well. And if his track record is anything to go buy we are in for a very rough ride during 2016 into 2017 AD.

But a ride he claims will be worth it once it is all over.

He is of course referring to the hidden conflict that is now raging behind the scenes of world power as the old guard elites struggle to cling on to their power base.
An extremely difficult task should the US Dollar fall. This conflict is known as the 'battle for the throne of the world' amongst the elites and their detractors who are trying to stop them.

And that is why Levi has started on the Podcast trail. To inform those want to listen, learn and prepare for when this hidden conflict spills over into the Public Domain and begins to affect
the masses. An event in my opinion has already begun.

The 'Main Stream Media' avoids him like the plague despite the many world events he has Predicted that others have failed to see or claimed they knew 'after' the event.

This is no big secret seeing as Levi has exposed the MS Media many times as a Propaganda machine for the elite to brainwash or sway public opinion on issues they would not normally accept.
Hence his blogs and new Podcast reports.

His quest is simple. To show people how to read between the lines and filter the truth from the lies of puppet governments. Because he says, this world will only change for the worse if people refuse
to remove their blinkers and see the real world and what is happening.

So if you need an experienced friendly guiding hand into the hidden world of real knowledge then Levi is your man. If you do then prepare to see the world in an entirely different light.

In his own words, it is never too late to awaken, as long as you can handle the truth....

Web Guy

PS - For more info please take the time to visit the Rebel Moon website where you can access some free written reports and more. http://www.rebelmoon.net