The Psychic Pyramid Resonator

September 15, 2020

The Psychic Pyramid Resonator




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The Pyramid Resonator - Works On Tesla Principals

We are bombarded by Energies and Frequencies every second of the day. From Phone frequencies to TV, Radio, and Satellite signals. They are everywhere and around you all of the time but invisible to the naked eye much like electricity.

Other than man-made frequencies or energies, there are Ancient Energy Grids connected throughout our Planet and Cosmos, including our own Magnetic Poles which protect us from the Sun's harmful radiation. Our Planet is like a giant battery. It is Solar charged every day by our Sun. As Nicola Tesla proved, our Earth can be tapped for Free Energy amongst other things. But that's science and another story.

Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power is one of the greatest enigmas of our age. It is still beyond the grasp of modern science but is quite at home in the Metaphysical World.

I have personally used these fantastic little metaphysical tools for many decades with impressive results that are way beyond the realms of coincidence.

It's helped me to stop bad things happen and make good things happen instead... Not just for myself but for many others. Yes my friends, it really is that amazing.

My personal resonator has played a major part in baffling sceptics and psychic researchers alike by Predicting Future Events regarded as so 'Out There' they could never happen in real-time. From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to 9.0 Earthquakes and a myriad of other unlikely events in between including the crash of 2008 and only three days out. But the past is the past and now we face new struggles as people are beginning to see since the Mystery Virus struck.

That being the same 'Mystery Virus with Respiratory Problems' I warned about in the 'Prediction Handbook' last year. However, it was a drop in the ocean compared to my previous forewarnings since 2018 about 2020 being a year nobody alive today would forget in a hurry. I think we can put that one safely to bed but it's merely the beginning of another cycle that is likely to be a very bumpy ride during the next two or three years as the new age of Aquarius is born.

The 2020 To 2023 Cycle

Because of these strange and difficult times which I believe will take at least two to three years to settle back into acceptable normality... it was recently decided to re-release the Pyramid Resonator after 9 Years so you can gain the edge by protecting you and your loved ones against what has yet to come. But that's not all it does. There are four Faces to the Pyramid. Each one carries it's own ancient symbol and has it's own use which are simply explained in the instructions with other techniques unbeknownst to most people. One is for money, one is for relationships one is for health and one is the very powerful Face of Protection.

Pyramid Network

Your Pyramid once personalised and aligned with the Magnetic Poles will eventually connect to an already network of Pyramids scattered around the globe. Therefore, every now and again you will be invited to take part in joining us to change bad situations into a good one. In fact, we have done many 'Out There' things in the past with fantastic results so it's a good way for your little Pyramid to demonstrate just how potent it really is. Not forgetting of course that it is harnessing the power of Mother Nature and indeed the Cosmos.

This Is 'NOT' A Toy

As strange as it seems it's true but not everybody can have one. It will pick you, you don't just buy it on a whim. Nothing spooky, it simply will not appeal to some people. Not that they are bad people per se, but just not ready yet. Maybe too sceptical or negative thinking. In a nutshell, you have to believe in something to make it happen. If you don't believe in yourself and what you are doing then it won't happen. Not rocket science but an ancient science classed as Forbidden Knowledge by the establishment.

Please listen carefully one more time. The Pyramid Resonator may look harmless but it is not a Toy, nor is it a fun Novelty gimmick. This is an extremely powerful metaphysical tool so it must be used for good and not for selfish or negative reasons which is all explained in the instruction book.

If you go on to acquire one, it comes in digital E-book form with a Template so all you will need is some white card, scissors, and a pen or pencil. Don't worry it's very easy to set up in five minutes. Once done you will start to see things change for the better and indeed make them so. It will also cleanse your home by replacing the negative built up over time with a fresh vibrant one. If it sounds too good to be true then peace is your journey.


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